January 2022

The Power of the Consumer

In recent months, consumer confidence has been falling. Provided by Tony Root A confident consumer can be a powerful ally in an economy. But when the consumer starts to have questions, we can measure consumer confidence in everything from retail sales to home buying to the personal savings rate. In recent months, consumer confidence has […]

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When Bad News Is Good News

A surprising reaction totapered bond purchases. Provided by Tony Root Financial markets can be challenging to understand. But when markets enter a “bad news is good news” cycle, it becomes even more difficult to follow along. At its November meeting, the Fed outlined its plan to taper monthly bond purchases, which will end this pandemic-era

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Is Inflation Peaking?

One lesser-known indicator is called the Baltic Dry Index. Provided by Tony Root You see it in prices at the grocery store and the gas station. You feel it in your monthly budget. So why don’t the financial markets seem too concerned about inflation? Remember, financial markets are considered “discounting mechanisms,” meaning they are looking

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2022 Contribution Limits

Is it time to contribute more? Provided by Tony Root Preparing for retirement just got a little more financial wiggle room. This week, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced new contribution limits for 2022. Staying put for 2022 are traditional Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), with the limit remaining at $6,000. The catch-up contribution for traditional

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