David O'Neill

Financial Advisor

meet david

Financial peace can be hard to come by. You deserve it, and my job is to help you to get there.
When you work with me, you can count on:

(1) trustworthy advice — my business is structured so that when you do well, I do well. I hold a series 66 license so I can operate as a fiduciary. In doing so, I’m legally obligated to put your interests ahead of my own.
(2) transparent fees — I trust my advice will lead to you earning multiples more than my fees, so I don’t try to hide what I charge.
(3) a personalized plan — through an intentional process, i get to know you and your family so that my advice is personalized to your situation, even as it evolves.

I do this work because I’ve lived first hand the Ramsey principles since 2013, just before my first daughter was born. I’ve experienced the peace that comes from living debt free and having a plan for my family’s financial life, and I want to help others feel that too.

So, whether you’re (A) getting started and need reassurance you’re taking the right steps, or (B) currently building and want to get organized with a guided plan, or (C) nearing or already retired and feeling uncertain about your plan, you can trust me to help guide you.