Troy Blankenburg

Financial Advisor

meet Troy

I enjoy providing based financial advice not only because of its importance in life but also because it feels like my way of repaying those who taught me financial and investment literacy. Learning how to invest carefully and intentionally in today’s complex markets can seem like an impossible task, I can help guide you through them towards your goals and desires. My wife Morgan and I manage our money using Dave Ramsey’s principles. That means everything about what our money does is intentional. We have made a point of living debt free since 2014 and recently finalized that by paying off our home mortgage entirely. I have labored hard enough to know the true value of money and am a firm believer that there are no real ‘get rich quick’ schemes in life. These principles form the basis for my investing philosophy. I have an open door (or phone, email) policy for anything financial with my clients. I really find joy in helping and teaching others the principles that I have come to learn.